Medical Research Council Unit The Gambia (MRCG)

Established in The Gambia in 1947, the MRCG is the UK's single largest investment in medical research in a developing country. The Unit's research focuses on infectious diseases of immediate concern to The Gambia, and the continent of Africa, with the aim of reducing the burden of illness and death in West Africa and the developing world as a whole. The MRCG led the clinical trials which led to the introduction of haemophilus and pneumococcal vaccines into the WHO-EPI program and continues to host landmark clinical trials of vaccines, including for maternal immunisation. The Vaccines & Immunity Theme, led by Prof Kampmann is one of 3 areas of investigative science in the MRCG and employs over 1200 people between the laboratory and field sites.

Within the PERISCOPE project the MRCG’s main tasks will be:

  • Conduct of the maternal/infant immunisation trial in The Gambia (WP3)
  • development of the clinical trial protocol
  • submission of the clinical trial to Ethics
  • liaison with regulatory authorities in the Gambia
  • lead team for enrolment and follow up of trial subjects
  • contribution to WP5 through development and conduct of novel cellular assays in the laboratories at the MRCG

Professor Beate Kampmann holds a Chair in Paediatric Infection & Immunity at Imperial College, London and is the Scientific Director for Vaccinology research at the MRCG. With over 15 years of extensive practical and research experience in childhood infection and immunity, she directs the Centre for International Child Health at Imperial College London and leads a comprehensive childhood infection and immunity research program both in the UK and sub-Saharan Africa.

Main contact

Photo of Beate Kampmann
Prof. Beate Kampmann, MD, PhD
Phone: +220 4494491

Other contacts

Dr Ed Clarke, MD, PhD
Role in the project: Dr Clarke’s role in the project will be to implement the clinical trial protocol for the Gambia site.
Phone: +220 4495442-6
Dr Jonas Lexow, PhD
Role in the project: Dr Lexow is the Head of the research governance and quality department at the MRC Unit The Gambia. He will assist with protocol development, regulatory affairs and oversee overall trial conduct and quality.
Phone: +220 4495442
Dr David Jeffries, PhD
Role in the project: Dr Jeffries is the Head of the Statistics Department at the MRC Unit The Gambia. He will guide data collection and the statistical analysis plan.
Phone: +220 4495442