Information for Patients

Within the scope of PERISCOPE, nine clinical studies will be conducted.

  1. Assessment of responses to a booster dose of aP vaccine through life. Detailed assessment of baseline immunity and immunogenicity of an aP booster administered to four age-specific cohorts (4-10, 11-15, 20-34 and 60-70 year olds) / 4 studies
  2. Clinical trials in Europe and Africa to interrogate the differences in immune responses to aP and wP vaccines and the impact of maternal immunization / 2 studies
  3. Clinical trial in humans infected with pertussis and their exposed family contacts / 2 studies
  4. Human pertussis colonisation model for biomarker discovery and vaccine efficacy evaluation
Clinical Study 1 - Pertussis Human Challenge Colonisation Study
Clinical Study 2 - The BERT Study