PERISCOPE EFPIA partners publish comment on IMI projects’ impact on vaccine development

Since the launch of IMI2 in 2014, the intensified vaccine focus of the program has resulted in the support of 14 vaccine-focused project consortia – with PERISCOPE being one of them. Philippe Denoel (GSK) and Patricia Londono-Hayes (SP) as EFPIA representatives within our project have co-authored a comment that was recently published in NATURE REVIEWS. The comment assesses the benefits of public-private partnerships in vaccine development and concludes that IMI consortia have substantially progressed innovation in vaccine R&D. PERISCOPE will continue its great collaboration and further advance the identification of pertussis correlates of protection. As the first IMI project to receive funding also from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, PERISCOPE is setting an example for further cross-sectorial collaboration for the benefit of the patient.