GSK Vaccines (GSK)

GSK is one of the world’s leading vaccine companies, involved in vaccine research, development and production. The company has 15 candidate vaccines in development and their broad portfolio of 39 vaccines prevent illnesses such as hepatitis A, hepatitis B, diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, measles, mumps, rubella, polio, typhoid, influenza and bacterial meningitis. Globally, GSK has more than 16,000 people working to deliver nearly 2 (1.9) million vaccines, every day, to people in around 90% (172) of the world’s countries. In 2015 the company distributed around 690 million doses of vaccine, over 70% of them to least developed, low and middle income  countries.

Within the PERISCOPE project, GSK will provide scientific and general expertise in B. pertussis preclinical research, pertussis vaccination and epidemiology as well as expertise in licensed pertussis vaccines for prospective clinical studies, knowhow on clinical development and clinical study conduct. Furthermore GSK will conduct a number of studies, where the results will be made available to the consortium in the course of the project.

Dr Philippe Denoel has expertise in bacteriology, immunology and vaccine development and is Head of External R&D at GSK Vaccines. He is in charge of developing scientific collaborations as well as the identification and evaluation of new vaccine and technology opportunities to help the company reaching its R&D objectives. Amongst other, he is responsible for the support of projects involving multi-partners and public funds. Philippe also acts as the GSK Vaccines R&D single point of contact for the academic and biotech partners.

Main contact

Photo of Philippe Denoel
Dr Philippe Denoel

Other contacts

Dr Stéphane Temmerman
Role in the project: Team member, WP1 (EFPIA-lead) and main scientific contact
Christiane Feron
Role in the project: Team member, SC and GA Representative